Cover grille for terrariums - aluminum perforated sheet QG10-15

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  • Burst-proof cover for terrariums
  • Very good ventilation & light incidence
  • Fixing possibility for lighting or heat radiators
  • Fixed seat due to angled edges & still easy to open >/li>
  • Stainless steel aluminum >br>
  • Thanks to individual manufacturing suitable for every terrarium >/li>
  • Free return shipment within 30 days >/li>

Description of goods >/h3>

If you own a terrarium, you should always cover it from above, so that the animals cannot escape. Our Aluminum perforated plates are best suited for this purpose.

When keeping animals in terrariums it is very important that there is always sufficient air circulation. Perforated plates are a cheap and effective alternative to expensive covers, which have to be connected to the power supply. This is because their perforated structure gives them a high air flow rate (33% - 44% depending on the perforation) so that good air circulation can take place. In addition, natural daylight enters the terrarium, which means that in most cases no additional light source is necessary.

If you still want to attach lights or heat radiators, you can do this without any problems, because cables can be easily attached to the perforated plate.

To ensure that the cover fits optimally and cannot slip, the longitudinal edges are angled. In addition, we offer an optional rubber edge protection. This prevents cutting on the partly sharp edges and guarantees a perfect hold. This is selectable. For feeding etc. you can easily remove the cover or move it sideways.

Our covers consist of Aluminium Al99,5. These are on the one hand comparatively light and on the other hand absolutely stainless, so that even moisture cannot damage the metal.

We offer perforated plates with different hole patterns, so that you can adapt the cover perfectly to your needs. For example, sheets with a large perforation (e.g. QG 10-15) have a higher transmission rate than sheets with a smaller perforation (e.g. RV 3-5). This article has holes of the perforation QG 10-15.

If our listed dimensions do not correspond to the dimensions of your terrarium, we offer a free of charge cut to your desired dimensions. How this works exactly is explained in detail below. As we manufacture each sheet individually, our covers are suitable for every terrarium.


  • length & width: top selectable (all dimensions in mm)
  • thickness: 1.5mm

Hole pattern

  • QG 5-8 = Square holes, straight distributed, edge length 5mm, Hole center distance 8mm (39.1% passage)


  • The perforated plates are made of aluminum Al99, 5 (stainless)
  • Angled edges with rubber edge protection for optimum hold

Free-of-charge cut to size

If our offered sizes do not cover your needs, you can tell us your desired size after purchase and we will create an individual cut to size

This service is free of charge for you and applies only to rectangular outer cuts (no round blanks or other shapes) .

Steps for the transmission of the desired dimensions:

  1. Select material --> Select next larger size --> "Add to shopping cart"
  2. Shopping cart --> "Special notes to the seller" --> Enter your measurements
  3. "Checkout" --> Buy


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