Basement window grille - aluminum cover - QG 5-8

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  • Protection against dirt & vermin
  • Light and air permeable
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Easy assembly without drilling thanks to neodymium magnets
  • Suitable for every basement window thanks to individual production
  • Free return shipment within 30 days

Goods description

If, for example, you want to dry laundry in the basement with the window open, this sometimes poses a certain risk. Because one or the other has perhaps already experienced that insects and other small animals got into the house through the cellar window. There, mice and other vermin can become a real problem.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, we offer basement window grilles made of aluminum. This keeps animals out - just like leaves and dirt that can be blown into the cellar through the light well. In addition, barred basement windows also act as a deterrent against burglars, which is especially advantageous in the dark season.

Nevertheless, enough light and air can still get into the cellar through the cover. Perforated sheets are characterized by a high transmission rate depending on the perforation - with the perforation QG 5-8 it is about 39 %. This means that the cellar can be ventilated again without any problems.

We use magnets for the assembly. In addition to the perforated plate, 8 neodymium magnets are already included in the scope of delivery, which have a particularly high adhesive strength. You can easily attach them to the perforated plate and the window frame with hot or super glue. 4 magnets each must be attached to the perforated plate and 4 to the window sill so that they attract each other. So you can place the magnets yourself in the desired position and adjust them to your window.

In addition, not even drilling is necessary, but the grid can be simply clicked into place. Therefore cleaning is also very easy, because the grille can be removed quickly and easily.

We use perforated aluminum Al99.5 for the basement window grilles, a material that is highly resistant to corrosion, so that even weather conditions do not affect the material.

If our offered dimensions do not correspond to your basement window, we offer a free cut to your desired dimensions. How this works exactly is explained in detail below. As we manufacture each perforated plate individually, the covers are suitable for every window.


  • Length & width: top selectable (all dimensions in mm)
  • thickness: 1,5mm

hole pattern

  • QG 5-8 = Square holes, straight distributed, edge length 10mm, hole center distance 15mm (39 % clearance)

Free of charge cut to size

If our offered sizes do not meet your needs, you can tell us your desired size after purchase and we will create an individual cut

This service is free of charge for you and applies only to rectangular outer blanks (no blanks or other shapes).

Steps to the transmission of the desired dimensions:

  1. Select material --> Select next larger size --> "Add to shopping cart
  2. Shopping cart --> "Special notes to the seller" --> Enter your measurements
  3. "Checkout" --> Buy


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